X International Workshop of Architecture and Landscape

Laboratorio Barberi, Olot (Es)

From July 31 to August 18, 2017

Visitor professor/teaching staff of the International Workshop of Architecture and Landscape 2017_RCR arquitectes.
Directors: RCR Arquitectes – Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramon Vilalta Teaching Staff: Mario Cottone, Estel Ortega Vázquez, Igor Peraza Curiel, Jaume Prat Ortells, Joan Puigcorbé, Emiliano Roia, Gilles Trégouët, Sido Cherel, Maria K. Hawkins.
Program The Summer Workshop is born of a way of understanding Architecture and Landscape from a humanistic spirit. The coexistence in a space and time of different creative disciplines creates synergies for mutual enrichment between the parties.
The workshop is designed following four main ideas that articulate the program: Competition Format: Closed exercises that condense a complex process within a specific time frame Transversality: An integrative interdisciplinary approach Sharing: Shared creativity fostering the capacity for dialogue Experience: Understanding derived from observation, participation and experience

Favara (AG) 2017
Sciacca (AG) 2017
Porte Aperte
Sciacca 2016
FuoriFarm - Wireframe
Favara 2016
finalists Fad Award 2016
Barcellona (ES) 2016