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Salerno, Cava dei Tirreni, Pontecagnano, Ravello
INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS to know, share and communicate
Ideas, experiences, projects,works, researches, materials and technologies for sustainable development

From 15 to 30 June 2013 some of the symbolic place representatives of the Province and municipalities of Salerno like S. Sofia, Salone dei Marmi,Teatro Verdi, l’University, Marte di Cava dei Tirreni, excellent examples of cultural partnership between public and private, l’ex Tabacchificio Centola in Pontecagnano,excellent archaeological building and l’Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer of Ravello will host NIB ARCTEC,a series of International meetings for the purpose of generate job/business opportunities starting from the sector of ’city planning,’landscape architecture and design.
An innovative synergy among designers, businessmen, administrators, associations and citizens looking at the sustainable development.
A programme with unprecedented contents, strongly oriented to job and trainingand to the relaunch of &rsquo the economy with an original formula that joins knowledge and cultural workers &rsquo avantgarde, design company, materials and construction. For the first time important actors of the same production chain, that is the world of research, of project and of building constructions , join together to communicate, interact and , work together in the same space and on the same subjects.

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Design Workshop
Roma, 19-28 September 2018