exhibition in ragusa

Invited to the charity action exhibition "design an egg"_Ragusa 2011. Organized by Agorà.

In collaboration with: Arch. Laura Baragiola and pastry chef: Andrea Lurato

the egg and the architecture
The project objective is to interpret the egg meaning as a sacred and primordial symbol and origin of the creation, through the architectural elements of volume and space.
The aim is to inspire the cogitation and the visual discovery, through the expressive and minimal code full of metaphors and synesthesias.

A pure volume
The white colour use and the uniformity of the external surface building material of the egg emphasize its formal simplicity, to express the emblematic features of sacredness and symbol of life.The chocolate cylindric base supports the egg and separates it visually from the stand.

Space and light
The austere and ethereal volume of the egg is set up with three circular equidistant holes, which are positioned above its circumference of larger diameter, it gives to the user the possibility to see the internal spatiality; while a hole on top opens the way to the light from above.

Energy and life
An abstract pattern is drawn in the inner walls to symbolize universal creation generative of life. It is represented with warm colours to recall fire and energy. At the bottom there is a body of water, source of life regenerative and purify.

White chocolate, Natural food colourings,, gelatin
Dark chocolate

1.creation of the egg with a cylindrical base
2.internal decoration with paint brush
3.closure of the egg
4.realization of 4 circular holes
5.painting with airbrush fix of the base

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