Scultura Shower

Exterior design, 2013

100% - Cor-Ten Steel

Sculpture shower is one of the connotative elements of B&D Villa, it is placed on the edge of the solarium as counterpoint element within the strict geometry of the architectural composition. The aim of the project is to make this element functional to the swimming pool, like a minimalist sculpture, expression of formal aesthetics of simple and clear lines, like “the monolith” of the 2001: a Space Odyssey film.
The element is realized in Corten and it includes all the technical devices of water and lighting systems.
Our modus operandi was to focus on details: the drainage system is hidden under the wooden deck, the lighting system obtained in the joint slit and the custom - made parallelepiped command in corten.
The sculpture shower can be also equipped with a hydraulic manifold of 30 litres which warming thanks to the solar rays make the sculpture be a real solar shower.

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