B&D Gate

Exterior design, 2013

90% - Cor-Ten steel
10% - concrete

B&D gate is the entrance element of the same name project. The gate is intended to be a coherent system of vertical corten elements in a solution that includes a sliding gate, a little front gate, a doorphone, a letterbox and a technical compartment all in one.
The gate is composed of corten rods which are connected each other to open a filtered view of the background.
The element placed between the sliding part of the gate and the little front gate houses the doorphone which is characterized by the engravings of the Villa’s name and the street number. The sliding system of the gate with wheels and rack is underfloor in a specific compartment that can be reached in case of maintenance interventions.
Outside the gate, the orthogonal element houses the technical compartment at the bottom while on top there is the letterbox, where the owner surnames are engraved under the horizontal opening.
The lighting system of the gate is positioned in the same orthogonal element with a solution that consists of a led located along the slit that runs uprightly for all its length.

LINK - Villa B&D project
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