All in one Barbecue

Exterior design, 2013

40% - Lava stone
20% - Concrete
40% - Cor-Ten steel

“All in one” is an exterior home furnishing equipped with a barbecue grill, a cooktop and a sink. The concept is a minimal element that includes all the outdoor cooking functions at the same time assuring the esthetical quality. In this way “all in one barbecue” does not seem a technical element but a furniture embedded to the living external space where the food preparation is part of the sociability during outdoor lunches or dinners.
“All in one barbecue” is a horizontal volume made of concrete, its door panels are made of corten and the top is in molten where the cooktop, the barbecue grill and the sink are build in.
Molten shaped coverings can be placed on top when the barbecue grill or the cooktop are not in use to protect them. Also the sink follows the minimal line of the project with its slit drain and its tap in a solution that plans a lateral hole activated by a parallelepiped command in corten.
The lighting system is characterized by a linear corten element where a led is positioned.

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