Aggetto Table

Interior design, 2016

100% - Painted steel

Aggetto Table (overhang side table) stems from the idea to realize a simple and functional workspace.
The table consists of a suspended parallelepiped of 11 cm heights, a pure and minimal volume inside of which 3 flush drawers are integrated.
Aggetto table is the best solution to take advantage of spaces in small places. Moreover it makes this spaces particular and evocative thanks to his sculptural aspect.
The table is made up of a bent steel slab defining the space of three drawers, all is welded and wall fixed with dowels. In this way the table represents an architecturally integrated element at the same time flexible to be moved from one wall to another like a traditional table.
Following the concept of the shelf the aggetto table is flexible to be assembled and it can be installed at different heights with various functions: table for adults, table for kids, tv piece of furniture.
The table was realized by artisans for a private customer to be placed in a total white design, other versions can be possible in different colours, suitable to the space in which the table will be integrated.
The photos show the overhang side table with the size of 154 x 65 cm placed in a small bedroom for the individual study. Here, the Aggetto Table is equipped with shelves of different size useful to arrange books and toys.

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