Due Setti Table

Exterior design, 2013

70% - Wood Ipè
30% - Cor-Ten steel

Due setti table is the solution to an exterior table in Villa B&D. The object insert itself in the general background of the project and it represents a sculptural element.
The idea of the two legs table created by a dynamic composition of three planes stems from the minimalist language and the neo-Plasticism poetic.
The structure of the table consists of two corten vertical elements anchored to the ground with a underfloor plate. The horizontal plan 260 x 81 cm is made of ipé wood staves.
The connection with the barbecue area and the molten seating create a boundary to the greenery and represents the main reason for the choice to build a fixed object.
On a daily use, for breakfast or lunch, the table is intended to be with the molten seating; in case of particular occasions such as special dinners or events, additional chairs can be arranged along the other sides of the table to accommodate comfortably up to 8-10 tablemates. The idea of a two legs table is particularly useful on these occasions when the free space at every side of the table let the possibility to additional chairs in a functional and adaptable way.

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