Hotel del Centro

Palermo -2011

The project deals with the renovation of a hotel located in the historic center of Palermo.
The project includes interventions to improve the usability and quality of the rooms.
The demolition of some existing parts of the hotel and the redistribution of the rooms allow a better organization of the spaces and of toilets, in order to obtain order and squared shapes and distributions.
The rebuilding and redistribution of the toilets allows also the adaptation to the new national standards to classification for hotels, furthermore, on the second floor two bedrooms are targeted to people with disabilities.
The replacement of the perimeter glass wall to the cloister with a same design and geometry has been planned. The new plan will meet the current standards for energy efficiency.
To enhance the deployment environments on the cloister through it has been planned a common room, both to the second and to the third floor, in lieu of storage rooms, there is a plasterboard insulated and soundproofed ceiling beyond which it is expected to place the electrical and air conditioning technical compartments.
The intervention involves the improvement of the vertical connections between the 2nd and 3rd floor through the insertion of an internal lift and the replacement of the existing three flights staircase with a single flight one which it is set cantilever on the supporting masonry wall.

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