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Castellamare del Golfo - project

The landscape quality of the area has oriented the design in order to obtain an architecture that integrates with the context and nature and does not alter the specific characteristics of the agro-pastoral landscape of the basin of the river Guidaloca.
The project interprets the historical-architectural tradition of rural buildings to achieve a project that has an innovative character incorporating the concepts of landscape and sustainable architecture. The characteristics of volumetric simplicity, of porticoed spaces next to the living area, and of external spaces in the courtyard are distinctive elements of the rural settlement types that have been reinterpreted to formulate the project proposal in question. To these design elements has been added the approach of landscape architecture that has directed the choice to cash in the volume and, taking advantage of the slope of the lot, hide it at the top and leave the view of the rock face free.
The compositional system therefore foresees two heights in height connected on one side by an external staircase, to which correspond the spaces at the upper level with the swimming pool and the solarium and those at lower level with the inhabited part and the open courts.  
One of the design criteria is visual permeability in order to reformulate the limit between inside and outside. The neighboring landscape defines the limit of internal architectural spaces. Architecture and landscape merged together to define internal spatiality in a device that makes internal and external unique. The rocky wall to the north and the olive rows to the south become the limits of the interior spaces, reinforcing the continuous dialogue and the complete integration between architecture and landscape; the windows are completely shielded from the vegetation and the rocky wall, minimizing the visual impact on the landscape. The project intends to enhance the existing natural context also by integrating it with indoor living areas.

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Castellamare del Golfo
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