Villa P

Sciacca -2015

The project concerns the completion of a reinforced concrete structure for residential use.
The lot is located in a land with a slight slope located on the edge of a village of Sciacca, facing the agricultural landscape.
The concept behind the project work is to make the existing structural volume minimal and homogeneous in order to better integrate it into the context rural area and at the same time organize spaces and functions, enhancing the view towards the landscape. To obtain a pure volume, cornices and other disturbing elements have been eliminated and the existing pitched roof has been reinterpreted as a resin roof with grooves on board and internal cavities to eliminate gutters and downspouts on the facades. The system of openings was organized with vertical cuts to maintain the compactness of the volume and open with a large window on the west loggia towards the landscape. When the apartments are on the height jump, a flush glass railing was inserted.
The house is organized in 3 levels, the garage in the basement with a technical area under the veranda, the ground floor for the house and an attic on the first floor which is accessed by an external corten staircase.
Planimetrically the house on the ground floor is organized in two areas: the living area with the living room, the laundry room and the veranda, the sleeping area with the two bedrooms, the bathrooms and the storage room.
The architectural language inside is the total white of the walls and false ceiling with cuts for lighting and curtains, the flooring is with cementitious resin in light gray shades. The living room with the wall-to-wall glass window is totally connected with the terrace over the landscape and the glass parapet allows maximum visibility and lighting. The project also involved the construction of the custom kitchen and the library wall. The living room leads to the corrodio which distributes a double room, the main bathroom, a closet and the double bedroom with en-suite bathroom. In the bathrooms custom-made lava stone washbasins with wooden furniture have been made and the showers are custom-designed in the niches with glass walls and a lava stone top.

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