Sciacca - project

The project deals with the architectural and urban organization of a lot located to San Giorgio quarter, a building used for/as transient lodging
The lot of about 25.000 sqm extends in length reaching the sandy coast.
The hotel is placed 150m backwards to meet the coastal strips, the parking area and the entrance are placed behind to assign the frontal part facing the park to any recreational functions.
The hotel is organized into two buildings: the main building on two levels with rooms at the first-level while restaurant and services are on the ground floor; the second building is a terraced one with only one level placed into the greenery. The two buildings are separated by a stream with its strip zone.
The solarium area with a swimming pool has been collected with a porch volume, perpendicularly arranged to the main volume, which houses an outdoor bar and a lounge area.

P House
Sciacca 2015
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C+I Studio
Sciacca - 2016
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Castellammare del Golfo
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Castellammare del Golfo
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Castellammare del Golfo