SM villa

Cianciana - project

The design of SM Villa in Cianciana is intended for the residence of a married couple with two daughters.
The project, with a simple and essential architectural language interacts both with the landscape and the town, thanks to its position to the main entrance of the town.
The white volume emphasizes the interpenetration of the two boxes and is treated with vertical and ribbon openings, and with a glass wall on the basis of a balanced relationship between form and function.
The steep slope of the lot imposed to focus the intervention just before Sturzo street, the compositional program includes a scheme of two volumes embedded at 90 degrees; one is at the level of the basement it is integrated with the topography and forms with his cover the parking area at the street level. Perpendicular on it there is another volume, which is also at one level, jutting overhang into the landscape, marking his outstanding feature.
On the front a terrace steps follows the topography toward the landscape and it hosts spaces for seatings, a table and a barbecue.
This terrace steps system extends around all the sides of the house, on one side with a graded ramp that goes around till the street entrance, on the other side there is a small staircase that connects the parking area with the technical area, the kitchen and the laundry.
The recess between the two volumes is reflected in the distribution system of the levels, being in both cases, disposed along the main axis of the parallelepiped.
The functional diagram is arranged in height: the sleeping area is on the upper level of the building while the living area is located on the lower level, in close contact with the greenery. The environments exposed to the West (living room, kitchen and bedroom) are the special ones because of the landscape view. The entrance and the staircase are pointing the street to form a connection space illuminated from above that protects the bedrooms from outdoor noise.

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